Monday, October 10, 2016


James sit in a bar. With a frown of concern, the bartender respond to his request for another shot of whiskey.
"Don't worry, I'm not driving," James says.
"Okay, that's off my mind, but, now, I worried about you walking," Bartender says.
"The cabs are running," James says.
"When you're ready, I'll call one for you," Bartender says.

On the backseat of a cab, James closes his eyelids. Something he recalls is a very dangerous thing to do this time of night on the subway. He usually rides the subway earlier than now to be home with his wife, to do things together. Now, it is an apartment where he lives without his wife. Because of a fellow coworker's lore that enchanted her and afterwards, she did not want to stop at one infidelity. He found out and it became a sore on their marriage that separation could only heal, so he thought. It really tore into him hard since he ignored the warnings  of other coworkers. He trusted her that well,  knew her that good but not well enough, good enough to know what her curiosity would make her do. Here he is riding in a cab because he is not sober enough to ride the subway. He'll call her tomorrow to let her know that the spell put over her, should have dissipated. Since before this cab ride, before going into that bar, he killed  the charmer to stop his compelling attraction so they can go back to doing things together as wife and husband.  

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