Monday, October 10, 2016


In a bar-restaurant , two women eat their meals, with cocktails.
"Why did you let it happen?" Denise asks.
"I just don't know," Helen says.
"Where was Lucy?" Denise asks.
"Her mother was sick so she visited her that weekend," Helen says.
"How did it happen?"
"It just happened that's all; there were no particulars about it."
"Well at least she was not a best friend just a neighbor in the building."
Behind them a waitress finishes wiping off a table. Before pushing the cart away, she asks the women. "You ladies are okay?"
"Yes. we're okay," Helen says.
"Good thank you," She pushes the cart into the kitchen.
"I didn't even notice her there," Helen says.
"I saw her," Denise says.
"You think she heard anything?"
"I doubt it, looked like she was to engrossed in her job."

Betty heard the confession, everything, now she knows why Mark broke their weekend get-away trip. "The son-of-bitch," she says.
"What's that?" a waitress asks.
"I got burnt for last weekend, now I know why, he was with someone else," Betty says.
"Well, you're young; you'll get over it."
"Yeah, thanks."
It's not like they are in an I love you relationship but she became horny waiting for that weekend to come, when it did, he calls to tell her that Lucy changed her mind since her mother called and told her that she felt better. "The lying bastard."

Two days later, Betty works a section. Mark and a male friend enter and the maĆ®tre d leads them to a table pass Betty's section. He winks as he passes but she ignores it with a eye roll.  Later, he excuses himself to go to the restroom. There, he calls Betty's cell phone; it goes to her voice mail since their phone are forbidden during work. "This is Mark and what was that shit with the eyes, call me."

After work Betty dials in her voice mail, there are two invitations to parties and then there is Mark message that she listens to then deletes. "To hell with him," she says.

Lucy prepares the bath for a long, lingering, bubble bath, with a romance novel. Mark wants her to hurry to close the door. She finally does.
"Hello," Betty says.
"It's me Mark."
"What do you want?"
"What was that shit with the eyes?"
"You burnt me that weekend."
"What do you mean?"
"You said that your wife changed her mind but I know that you screwed your neighbor Helen."
"How do you that I had sex with Helen?"
"You did what with Helen?" Lucy asks. She realized that she had read the novel that she selected so she stepped out of the bathroom to select another. Mark's back was to her. She grabs the phone from a stun, speechless Mark. "Who is this?" she asks.
"Sorry, tell Mark goodbye for me," Betty says.

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