Monday, October 10, 2016


He arrives at the police district to work the first shift as its crime scene investigator. After changing into his uniform he checks the assignment board and it is clear so he makes sure his equipment is ready. The sergeant enters the room, "you have an assist another agency."
"Which one?" He asks.
"ATF, their units are not available and they need a CSI right away."
"Where ii it?"

The agent points at a burnt out car on the bank of Cobb's Creek. "It was an illegal gun run we had under surveillance but it went bad when the punk lost control of the car so it went down there. Before we could get to it, the punk ran off then the car went up in flames. My partners went after the punk and I called the fire department but the flames sort of burned itself out then they made sure it was out. We need evidence that the ass hole was in the car," agent says.
"I'll give it a try," he says.

He shouts for the agent to meet him at the car. The agent and two partner agents hurry down the embankment. He recognizes one of the partner agents. Partner agent looks at him with surprise. They know each other but do not want to be reintroduced.
"What do you have for us?" First Agent asks.
He tells him then shows them. They agree that the evidence is good enough for a report. After taking custody of the evidence, the three agents leaves him to pack his tools. The partner agent walks slow then stops when his is sure the other two agents cannot hear him. "She is okay; she in here in philly. I'll tell her that I saw you." He does not want to hear the partner agent.

In the squad room, he fills out a report. The sergeant interrupts him. "There is a woman at the front desk asking for you."
He has no family and is not in a relationship so he goes to the desk puzzled. He sees her and his heart skips a beat. She looks the same, like all the thoughts of her, these past years.
"Hi, " she says.
"Hi," he says.
They just look at each other for a moment.
"Let's go to outside," he says.
In the parking lot there is a early morning chill so they go to his car to sit.
"He told me that he saw you the other day," she says.
"Yes," he says.
"We're separated; our divorce will be final soon. Our marriage begin to slide away after that trial," she says.
He says nothing.
"Browne, do you remember her?"
"Yes I do."
"One day, she told me that the office always believed that you were being a cowboy that day when they told me our world had ended. After that trial, then, everyone understood that you were protecting your partner, doing it alone, because if you had called it off he would have lost his credentials. That day, he didn't come clean about it to management, so after the trial it became clear of what really happened. They put a freeze on any further promotion. The crew tagged him a dirt bag. He requested a transfer and they sent him the furthest they could but the tag followed him. He began to bring his frustration home."
He sighs then asks. "How is your son taking it? I mean the divorce."
"He is old enough to understand."
"That's good."
"I thought that you were still in witness protection?"
"I walked away from that after a couple of weeks and stopped here. I studied crime scene investigation at the community college; the police department hired me. I've been here ever since."
"As if you were waiting for me."


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