Thursday, October 13, 2016


He unwraps a hoagie, places it on a plate then gets a sixteen ounce bottle of beer, sits down to feast. Half of the sandwich is eaten; the  beer level in the bottle is about half when the doorbell rings. "Damn it," he says. He stops his feast to see who it is at the door. He peeks through the security hole and sees her. He doesn't want to talk to her not now but she must have noticed that he used the peek hole. The doorbell rings; he opens the door. "Hi," he says.
"Hi," she says than asks. "May I come in?"
"Sure," he says then steps aside.
She walks into the living room. He puts his meal into the refrigerator then joins her on the couch.  She's agitated. He does things to avoid eye contact. "Why didn't you come to my wedding? She asks.
"I didn't want to be there," he says.
"Why?' she asks.
"I just didn't want to be there," he says.
She realizes his means to avoid eye contact with her; she makes a move to stop him. She reads his look. "Oh no," she says.
"Yes, oh yes," he says.
"I didn't see that," she says.
"I tries many times to show you," he says.
"It couldn't happen even if I saw it," she says.
"That, I never wanted to hear from you," he says.
"After the accident with Roy?" She asks.
"Way before that," he says.
"I love you in a camaraderie sense, not as a companion; it always been that way for me for us two; I thought," she says.
"Well, not for me," he says.
"After Roy's accident, I just thought you were a shoulder to lean on," she says.
"I see now that you've been holding this guy's hand all along," he says.
"We met and things happened," she says.
"Things couldn't happen with me?" He asks.
"I'm sorry," she says.
"Don't be sorry for me," he says.
"I'm not; I meant this, our situation," she says.
They look at each other with no words for a moment then she says, "You'll find someone better than me for yourself," she says.
Choked-up, he says, "makes no sense to look for someone that I already found and just can't hold onto."
She stands, steps to the door. "I have to go, get ready for our honeymoon trip tomorrow," she says.
"Roy junior, I can stop by your mother's to hang out with him," he says.
"There is no need to do that because my husband wants him to stay with his parents so that they can get to know each other," she says.
"Oh, oh okay," he says.
She opens the door, stops. "Christmas cards," she says.
"What?' He asks.
"Christmas cards to keep in touch," she says.
He sighs. Nods. Teary eyed, he says, "yes."
She closes the door behind her.


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