Tuesday, October 11, 2016


He looks at the hostess stand from the two chair table that he has been sitting for only a few minutes. He has been dating her for a few months but lately he detects a change in her feeling for him. She arrives with a grace that he admires. He glances around to see if anyone notices; a few seems to do so. The hostess leads her to him. He stands, kisses her lightly on her lips then they sit. "Why here? it's so crowded," she says.
He had called earlier too  reserve where they sit. "I took the liberty to order for us."
"That's good because a new order of shoes came in that I have to inventory and shelve," she says.
This gets him to recall. "That guy I saw helping you the other day when I stopped by," he says.
"Sam?" She asks.
"Yes, if that is  his name." The man irritated him with the way he ogled her.
"He is back in sports and crafts; he was temporary until they hired someone."
"That's good."
"Why did you say that?"
"It's good that they hired someone for you."
"Oh, okay."
"What's he like?"
"It's a she, a college student."
A server arrives with their meal. "My favorite," she says  then asks. "What's the occasion?"
"I wanted to see that smile; I missed it"
"What do you mean?"
"Lately, it seems that your desire for me is expiring."
She begins to eat. He waits for a minute then asks. "Well?"
"It's time to move on," she says.
"You mean for us to separate?" He ask.
In  manner he fears to asks but does so. "Are you seeing someone?"
"No, I would never do that to you or anyone else."
"How can I believe that?"
"It is not fair and I am a fair person also I am not a good liar."
"So, you're saying between us ?"
"It is time to move on."
"Because you believe in love, I do not; if we stay together then, your belief will become stronger, mine will not and that will lead to conflicts."
"I can think like you."
"You can never do that?'
""Damn-it, I love you."
"See what I mean."
"This shit sucks; I won't accept friendship."
"Then we must go our separate ways."
His stare displays  a verge of tears that prompt her to say, "please don 't do that; it is just that I was not fooled by Romeo and Juliet."
They eat their meal in silence.
Outside on the sidewalk.
"I hope you find what or who you're looking for," he says.
"I am not looking for anything or anyone," she says.
They walk away from each other.

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