Tuesday, October 11, 2016


The restaurant is on a platform supported by piles over a pond with a walkway leading to it. There is wild life for scenery while enjoying a meal and drinks. A waitress balances a tray with cups of coffee and sandwiches on plates for the two persons at a table. She places the tray on the center of the table then with a smile she walks away.
"You went away remember that so what was I supposed to do," Megan says.
"Wait for me that was all," Leroy says.
"I did wait," Megan says.
"Not long enough," Leroy says.
"I had no idea when you would be back," she says.
"I told you how long I might be," he says.
"Yes you did but when that pass I thought that you were dead," she says.
"The owner of the company would have contacted you," he says.
"I didn't know what was happening; I was scared," she says.
"Why did you have to go to him?" He asked.
"I wanted to know if you were safe and alive," she says.
"He couldn't tell you that," he says.
"He was your friend so I thought that he could help," she says.
"Not to find out about me that is for sure," he says.
"Stop it," she says.
"No. I'm not going to stop it," he says.
"He just became a shoulder to lean on and that is all," she says.
"You mean to rest your head on," he says.
They say nothing more, begin to finish their meal. Leroy looks at the pond and sees two ducks move through the water unaware of an alligator feet behind them. He expects to see a lost of ducks from nature but the alligator seems to have lost interest and turned to go another way. "Must have decided that it wasn't worth it," Leroy says.
"What's that?" Megan asks.
Leroy stands, reaches into a pants pocket, takes out a roll of bills, searches, finds a fifty dollar bill then drops it on the table. "Goodbye," he says.

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