Thursday, October 13, 2016


"You Mother is in the bedroom; she wants to see you before the other arrives," Father says. Alice goes to the bedroom and finds Mother at her vanity. "Hi mom," Alice says.
"Oh, Alice, my dear, I'm glad you're here before the others," Mother says.
"What's up?" Alice asks.
"I met a nice man the other day."
"Mom, not again."
"He's an pharmaceutical sells man."
"No mom, you didn't."
"He's nice."
"I don't care."
"Don't you see how happy your brother and sister lives are?"
"I'm happy with my life too, mom."
"People are beginning to asks me if you're a lesbian."
"Tell them I'm not; tell them I'm celibate for my career. God grief, how many times must I go through this."
"Honey, I just believe that you're not happy."
Alice restrains a nasty remark, sighs, then says, "I am happy being a single woman with a career."
"Okay, okay but I've already invited him to dinner."
"I thought this was just a family get together?"
"It is but I decided to invite him."
"So, he eats dinner with the family but if you start that matrimony stuff then I'll finish my dinner at some fast food joint."

The family begins to arrive and gather but Alice's brother, Thomas, is not in the gathering. "He was grounded because of that big storm all over the upper mid west," his wife says.
"He should have stayed in the air force," Father says more so to irritate Thomas' wife.
The date for Alice arrives, after introductions, moments of chit-chat, Mother rings the dinner bell. At the dinner table, Mother's guest sits next to Alice, between her and her sister-in-law. After dinner, there is more chit-chat then good nights are exchanged. Mother stops Alice. "He is so handsome, well educated and has this adventurous masculinity about him," Mother says.
"Yeah, just the type to interfere with my career," Alice says.

A year passes.
Thomas sits in Mother's kitchen with her. "Virginia is leaving me," he says.
"What? Why?" Mother asks.
"She met someone."
"Why did she do that?"
"Some stupid mess about she loves me but is not happy being with me no more."
"Who is he?"
"I don't know."

A couple of weeks later Thomas calls Mother. "Virginia and that fellow are going away for the weekend and she want to leave the kids with me but I will not be at my apartment in time so I told her to drop them off with you and I'll come there and pick them up." "Sure Thomas that will be fine," Mother says. She can now get a look at the man who broke up her son's marriage.
The car stops in front of the house. Mother rushes from the house to get a look at the man. The three kids believe she rushes to greet then but she pass by them then see the man behind the steering wheel. It is her date for Alice. She stands dumbfounded, stares. The car rolls off and she just stares at it.

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