Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Daniel walks into the crowd celebration then mingles. After an hour, he sees his ex-wife, Jane, with another woman in conversation. He decides to go deeper into the mass of people to avoid being seen by Jane. The other woman sees him and points him out to Jane. "Isn't that your ex?"
"Daniel," Jane calls out.
He stops. She hurries to him.
"Hi," he says.
"Hello," she says.
"I didn't know that you still come to this," he says.
"I missed the last couple of years," she says.
"Are you with your son-of-bitch husband?" He asks.
She snaps. "His name is Richard."
"That's what you call him but I call him every name in a drunken sailor's manual," he says.
"I didn't stop you for this," she says.
"What for then?" He asks.
"Your son asks about you often," she says.
"I don't have a son," he says.
Stun, she says, "Daniel please."
"That damn bastard that you divorced me for to become your husband contaminated him," he says.
She snaps. "That's not true."
"I had a family however you wanted another so now I don't have a family," he says.
"You were hardly ever home," she says.
"I wasn't fucking around because I was working hard to keep my family fed, clothed and under a roof," he says.
"I will not let you stick me with a quilt trip," she says.
"I wasn't trying to," he says.
"Your son wants to see you to spend some time with you," she says.
"My family is gone so I don't have no son," he says.

Daniel leaves his job and goes to a tavern for dinner and a beer. He sits alone eating then he feels a presence behind him; he looks. "May I sit?" Richard asks.
"Hell no," Daniel says.
Richard ignores him and sits.
"You ruined my life now what else do you want from me," Daniel says.
"Your son wants to be with his father," Richard says.
"That's your job now," Daniel says.
"Jane had tears when she told me what you said," Richard says.
"So," Daniel says.
"Listen, you replaced Jane with your job," Richard says.
Daniel snaps. "That's a damn lie."
"Let's not get violent about this but that is what happened," Richard says.
"I worked hard to make sure that my family had happiness until you soured it," Daniel says.
"Your son needs to be happy now," Richard says.
"I don't have a son just like I don't have a wife so you have them both to make happy," Daniel says.
"Listen, I'm not going to argue about this anymore, now, come this Saturday morning your son will be waiting for you to pick him up so you two can be together that day," Richard says.
 "If I don't be there?" Daniel asks.
"Then, I'll bring him to your apartment and we'll keep doing going over this until you see the light that your stupid stubbornness is bull shit," Richard says.
Daniel looks at his first cousin stroll away.

Saturday morning, Daniel parks his car in front of the house that he used to call his home. He retrieves a folded loose leaf paper then lay it on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel then he makes sure the auto-pistol is loaded then stuff it into a pants pocket. He gets out of the car to make the long walk to the house on a short walkway.

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