Sunday, October 16, 2016


"What is this shit I hear," Marty says in competition with the happy hour celebrators.
"I told you when you went up that I won't wait for you," Sandy says.
"With my best friend?" Marty asks.
"You're the one that kept opening the door; I told you to stop it," Sandy says.
"That's a bull shit excuse."
"I told you that would happen."
Janis, the other bartender stands behind Sandy.
"I got work to do so please leave because there is nothing more between us," Sandy says.
"I'm going to see my supposed best friend and change this bull," Marty says.
"Leave him alone," Sandy says.
"Why should I?" Marty asks.
"He's good to me better than you ever were," Sandy says.
"Not any more that is going to change," Sandy says. He makes a fist, pounds his chest with the bottom on it then walks out of the tavern.
"What did that mean?" Janis asks.
"I don't know, maybe, some prison stuff," Sandy says.

The public defender sits beside Marty. Philadelphia police detectives Jack Browne and Betty Johns look at them both. "Did you say anything to these detectives?" She asks Marty.
"Yeah, I told them that I did not kill Larry," Marty says.
She looks at the detectives.
"We have your knife that an attempt was made to wipe it clean of blood," Jack Browne says.
"I was drinking and I got drunk," Marty says.
She stops Marty with a hand on his shoulder without taking her eyes off the detectives. "What else do you have?" Public Defender asks.
"You were drunk, got into an argument with Larry and from your pocket you pulled out a knife then used it to commit homicide," Betty Johns says.
"Because, we found out that your used to be girl friend dropped you after you were sent up and started dating Larry," Jack Browne says.
"You sure drive a hard bargain," Public Defender says.
"What do you mean by that?" Jack Browne asks.
"Unless you can come up with more evidence than that, we're going to leave," Public Defender says.
"You're a person of interest in this case so don't skip on us," Betty Johns says.
After Marty and the public defender has left the room.
"I wish  that DNA on those blood sample would hurry Jack Browne says.
"We just have to wait; I told you that," Betty Johns says.

Janis looks at the two detectives sitting across from her. "What did you say?" Janis asks.
"DNA founded on that knife belonged to you and the victim; you served time and that is how we got your DNA," Betty Johns says.
"It could have only happened when you saw Marty drunk that night, got his knife, then knowing Larry was waiting to meet Sandy, you attacked him. There was a struggle where you got cut but you were able to stab Larry to death and somehow got the knife back to Marty," Jack Browne says.
"Why would I want to kill him?" Janis asks.
"You're a lesbian. We know that from Sandy; she told us that you both had a fling before she started dating Larry," Betty Johns says.
Janis weeps. "It wasn't a fling for me."
"That's what Sandy called it," Jack Browne says.
"We don't believe Marty skipped on us so where did you put him?" Betty Johns asks.


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