Saturday, February 11, 2017


Family and friends slowly gather at the gravesite of their loved one, Donna.
He missed the celebration of her life, although he did his best to be there after he received the message. He follows the procession to the cemetery. As he gets out of his car, someone notices him but more so his attire, an U. S. army uniform with a two-star rank, service and bravery ribbons, and a Ranger tab over a Special Force insignia.
"My goodness," she says.
"What's the matter, now?" Her husband asks.
"It's him."
"Ted, Donna's first husband."
Ted walks to the circle of mourners, stands in the rear; he sees the immediate family members being guided to chairs. The Preacher speaking words of comfort.
"Who is the soldier?" A Friend asks.
"Well, I'll be damned; it's Christina's real father," a Relative says.
"Donna divorced him when Christina was not yet two years old."
"Donna didn't like the army life?"
"Ted joined the army after their divorce."
"Oh, I see."
"Charles and Donna were coworkers when she felled for him is a hard way. Ted found out that they were seeing each other and that caused their divorce."
The Preacher begins his sermon.
"There is Christina's natural father," A Cousin says.
"Who?" His partner asks.
"The soldier over there."
"Out of wedlock?"
"No. They were married but Donna wanted Charles more, so Ted let his family go, quit his job then joined the army."
"To make sure that he was away from them?"
"I guess so, yeah, maybe so."
After the Preacher says words of final farewell, Charles stands then places a flower on Donna's casket then Christina then other family members then friends follow. Afterwards, everyone goes to their cars or limousines, except Ted. He has moved close to the casket to say his goodbye.
Christina see the Black soldier for the first time. "Is that my father?" She asks Charles.
"Yes," Charles says.
Christina walks away from Charles and her two brothers to reunite with her father.

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