Saturday, March 18, 2017


As Michelle hurries up the stoop, she retrieves a door key that she keeps in secret. On the porch, she opens the door and sees her father flat out, motionless on the living room floor. "Dad," she screams and rushes to him. He moves and looks up at her, grumbles, "what the hell are you doing here?"
"I couldn't get in touch with you over the telephone," Michelle says.
"Damn thing broke and what the shit?" Dad asks.
"What do you mean by that?" Michele asks.
"A son would have shook me to see if I was till alive," Dad says.
"Please, not now Dad and how did you fall out of your wheelchair," Michelle says.
"I was reaching for something and the thing tilted; after I couldn't get up, I yelled for help, " Dad says.
"You know that these old houses are as close to sound proof as can be, and the breeze way between the houses helps muffle noise," Michelle says.
"I forgot about that," Dad says.
She stands the wheel chair upright.
"Wait a minute, how did you get in here?" Dad asks.
"Let's get you in the wheelchair and off the floor okay," Michelle says.
"Think you have enough man muscles to lift me?" Dad asks.
"Yes I do, Dad," Michelle says. She stands behind Dad then bends at her knees, places her forearms under his arm pits then stands, lifting him.
"Did you put the lock on?" Dad asks.
"First thing," Michelle says as she maneuvers Dad onto the chair.
He makes himself comfortable.
"Nope, don't do that because you have to take a bath to get rid of that awful smell," Michelle says.
"A man would have said that I smell like the back alley of a wino's street," Dad says.
"You stink Dad, please take a bath," Michelle says.
He takes off the brakes then wheel himself into the bathroom. She goes to the closet, gets the broom, mop and bucket , begins to cleanup. She finds Dad's telephone and discovers that he let the batteries run down.
"I don't hear no water running," Michelle shouts.
"You will as soon as I flush," Dad shouts.
She continues cleaning then hears the toilet flush and the bath water running. "Need help getting in," Michelle shouts.
"Oh no, hell no, not from you anyway," Dad shouts.
She finishes cleaning then prepares bacon and eggs to cook.

Michelle puts a plate of food before Dad then set a plate for her and sit opposite him. After he blesses their meal, they eat.
"There not much food left in the frig or cabinet so we could go shopping just like mom would," Michelle says.
Dad snaps. "Don't you mention my wife, damn-it; she would turn over in her grave if I told her what you did to yourself, my son a woman."
"Dad, mom understood it before I did," Michelle says.
"Don't you say that, she would have never encourage you to do that to yourself, never," Dad snaps.
"She didn't and you're right that she wouldn't have because it was my choice to make and I made it," Michelle says.
"My son, a woman," Dad snorts.
"That's right," Michelle says.
"Damn you Michael, Damn you," Dad says with anger.
"My name in Michelle," Michelle says.
"Not to me it isn't, I don't give a shit about everybody else, to me your name is Michael," Dad says.
Michelle looks at Dad. "You got that one," she says.
"Damn right, I do," Dad says.
"You should buy one of those wheelchairs with a motor," she says.
"In case you haven't noticed, I am the only he-man in the family now," he says then displays his arm muscles and says to mock, "not a damn she-man."
"This she-man picked your ass up off the floor," she says.
"Don't you curse at me," he says.
"I wasn't cursing," she says.
"You said ass to me about me," he says.
"I was talking about that particular part of your body and not your behavior," she says.
"You've become a wise guy," he says.
"Haven't you noticed, I changed," she says.

They finish their meal.
"Your phone should be powered up in a little while," she say.
"I glad you came over and help me off the floor," he says.
"Well, when I didn't hear your grumpiness after my third call, I thought something was wrong," she says.
Dad laughs as he recalls, "I was reaching for something, I can't remember now, anyway, my chair tilted and I must have knocked myself out hitting my head against the floor." He laughs louder that draws her to laugh with him. After a moment, he sighs. "I guess that I need you now more than ever," he says.
"If you say so," she says.
He tells her. "You are my only child and that is it, you are my child. I'll point out to anyone who asks that you are my child and if they asks what is your name, I will tell that you are my child and that is it."
"Okay Dad," Michelle says.
"Damn right, you are my child," Dad says.

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