Thursday, March 9, 2017


Lucy and her six-year old son Manny are asleep in the bedroom when the flame in the kitchen erupts and wakes the family dog, a black Chihuahua; he barks at the flames as if it were an intruder and that wakes Lucy.
After the fire department declares the fire extinguished, the Fire Marshal prepares to conduct her investigation. Lucy stands with the fire battalion Captain.
"What happens now?" Lucy asks.
"The fire marshal is going to make an investigation for the cause of the fire," Captain says.
"Will I be able to go back into my house when he finishes?" Lucy asks.
"Oh no, not tonight, a city inspector will have to clear it as safe to occupy and that may not happen until morning," Captain says.
Disappointed. "Oh man," Lucy says.
"Do you have a place to stay tonight?" Captain asks.
"Maybe my boyfriend," Lucy says.
"Well, just in case you don't, come with me and I'll contact the red cross for you to help you solve that problem," Captain says.
"Thanks, but I'll call my boyfriend," Lucy says.
"I'll give you the red cross number anyway," Captain says.

The Fire Marshal stands at the bottom of the stoop of the duplex getting ready to enter. Manny runs up to her. "What are you doing?" He asks. The Fire Marshal does not hear him so he tugs on her trousers. "What is it little fellow?" Fire Marshal asks.
"What are you doing?" Manny asks.
"I'm going into the apartment to check and find out how the fire started," Fire Marshal says.
"I know how it happened," Manny says.
"You weren't playing with matches. were you?" Fire Marshal asks.
Manny shakes his head. "No, no, I was asleep and Chitty woke us up barking," he says.
"Where is your mother?" Fire Marshal asks.
Manny points; "over there," he says.
"Better go and be with her," Fire Marshal says.
"But, I want to tell you who put the fire in my mommy's kitchen," Manny says.
Annoyed, Fire Marshal asks. "Who was it?"
"That man who is my mommy's boyfriend," Manny says.
"Did you see him do it?" Fire Marshal asks.
"No, I was asleep; I told you before," Manny says.
"Well, how do you know that he did it?" Fire marshal asks.
Manny uses both pointing fingers to emphasize, "he and my mommy stopped being boyfriend and girlfriend because he wants to fuss and cuss all the time my mommy said and he said one day that he's going to burn the do-do out of my mommy's house with a fire bottle," he says.
Lucy calls Manny over to her. He hurries to her then he tells her what he told the Fire Marshal. "Oh shit, why did you tell her that?" Lucy asks.
"She wants to know how the fire happened," Manny says.
"You shouldn't have told her that," Lucy says.

Fire Marshal's investigation determines that the fire was caused by a faulty microwave oven wiring. She leaves the apartment after she completed her investigation. Manny rushes to her; "did I tell the truth?" He asks. Fire Marshal does not answer instead she walks to Lucy. Manny wants to know if he told the truth, until Lucy tells him to be quiet. Embarrassed of what Manny said about her boyfriend, Lucy tells Fire Marshal, "my boyfriend and I did have a fight but that was a couple of weeks ago; we made up since then. He even bought me a microwave oven."

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