Saturday, June 20, 2009

George A. Davis stories are quick reads, and some stories are more captivating than others. The stories stand on their own as portraits of people and places that contemporary society deems underground and criminal. - Kevin Smith (from JimSam Publishing). 

A few of my stories available to read free at:

My Collection of Short Stories
TALES FROM A THORNBUSH (2007) ebook or paperback 
STREET LIFE: adventure in the asphalt cement jungle (2008) paperback 
IN THE ROUGH (2008) paperback 
HE'S NOT A DOG AND OTHER STORIES (2009) paperback 
WYLIE (a female bodyguard) AND OTHER STORIES (2011) ebook 
STREETLIGHT detective stories:these ladies are hard nosed street wise detectives (2013) paperback  

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George A. Davis dialogue is Hemingwayesque, though his characters are poignant like Lorrie Mooresque. - Gotham's Writer's Workshop Instructor Michael Lukas.
Shades of O. Henry, Your writing has a melodic tempo, excellent, I wouldn't touch a word of it - from a reader of my story Old Timer. 
His characters are race neutral; it's up to the reader. 

Writing Awards:
Judith Stark Creative Writing Award for Script work Community College of Philadelphia (Fall 2001)
Third Place in Scripts Tampa Writers Alliance 23rd Annual Writing Contest

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