Friday, January 27, 2017


From their van, the brothers in a stealth manner look at the few family members of the deceased man gather outside of the funeral home before going inside.
"That's it," Tom says, "the bastard's body is on the way."
Within an hour, the funeral home's vehicle rolls onto the driveway beside the building, stops in front of the rollup door. It opens. A man rushes to help the driver of the vehicle remove the body from the vehicle to take it inside the building. The door closes. he and Bill wait. Soon, the family members walk out of the building, stop to speak to each other, for a few moments, afterwards, stroll to their cars. One family member looks in the direction of the van.
"Shit, he sees us," Bill says as he tries to shrink out of sight.
"Stop that before he notices us," Tom says, "remember, we put a decal over our sign."
"Oh, yeah, you're right," Bill says.
"We'll come back like we planned," Tom says.

It is pass midnight, Tom drives the van onto the driveway beside the funeral home. Within a couple of minutes, after Tom uses his past burglary skills, he and Bill are inside the building. They use mini flashlights to locate the body, still in a body-bag; they remove it from the cooler to their van.

Bill drives along the city streets at a lower speed then indicated.
"Drive normal," Tom says.
"The cops," Bill says.
"Driving like you are will get their attention just like as if you were speeding, so drive normal," Tom says.
"Okay," Bill says.

The van leaves the city, rolls through suburban neighborhoods until it rolls onto a paved state forest road that becomes a dirt road. They drive for a few more miles, stops near a tree off the road. The brothers get out of the van with shovels. Feet from the tree, they dig a deep narrow hole. Then, they drag the body bag from the van to the hole. Bill pulls the zipper down to look at the dead man's face. He punches it, hard, until Tom stops him.
Bill sobs. "I begged Sis not to marry him because he was a prick."
They close the bag then drop it into the hole then throw dirt over it; after it is filled,  as best as they can, they make the ground look undisturbed. Done with their deed, they return to the van and drive away.

In the morning, a news broadcast announces that,"the man's body had disappeared from a funeral home," and then explains, "it was the body of the man who was found guilty of murdering his wife and sentenced to twenty years to life even though her body was never found. He was killed in a prison brawl. The police are investigating."


Sunday, January 8, 2017


In their kitchen, Pam prepares dinner, since she's the first one home from work; it's their tradition. They have been doing it for ten years, six years as cohabitants and the past four, married. She hears Lucy's key in the door lock then after the door closes, her foot steps into the kitchen.
"Beat me again," Lucy says.
"Yes, but, I don't mind," Pam says.
"What's cooking tonight?" Lucy asks.
"I chopped that ham into cubes then poured some canned vegetables into a pot with it to make ham stew," Pam says.
"Nothing to drink?"
"Apple juice."
"I mean with a kick."
"There's some red wine in the cabinet; it should go good with the stew but it will not be ready for another half hour."
Pam steps to Lucy for their lover's greeting kiss but notices, although brief, her wife's lips receives but does not match. It happened yesterday, among other things in the past, lately; however, she believes that there are worst things in existence to worry about, but Lucy should not let whatever it is get between them. Lucy goes to the cabinet.
"Your boss on your ass again?" Pam asks.
"No," Lucy says.
"Well, I feel that there is something on your mind that you need to let go."
Lucy sits at the table, not looking at Pam, begins to uncork the wine bottle.
"What's up?" Pam asks.
"Well, there is no need to let it linger any longer between us," Lucy says.
"What does the mean?"
"I want a divorce."
Pam stares at Lucy unable to say a word for a moment that gives Lucy the time to tell her, "I met someone , maybe a year ago, and it became love."
"Are you joking?" Pam asks.
"No, I'm not."
"Yes, you are." Pam sits at the table on a chair across from Lucy. "You have to be; it was your idea to get married."
"Now, it is my idea to get a divorce."
"If you never wanted the married life then why did you want to."
"I wanted to but now I want a divorce from you; like I said, I met someone else."
"You want to divorce me to be with someone else?"
"But, we have ten years being together."
"Pam, I want our ten years of being together to stop."
Pam's stare becomes a scowl. "Are you serious," she hollers.
"Let's keep this quiet and with peace."
"You're the only woman I've ever been with, in bed."
"I know."
"I left my husband, my children for you."
"Let's keep this in this room, please."
"My children despise me for what I did to their father because I chose you, and now you want to leave me."
"It happened, things in our life changed; that is all that I can say for why."
"That is all; that is all just because you met someone. You changed my life to be with you and now you tell me this shit."
"There is no need to let the neighbors know about this now."
"I don't care what the neighbors will know because what I do know is that my two kids forgot me because of you and you come here in this house to tell me that damn shit."
Lucy stutters, "I told you; now, I leaving." She stands, hurries to the door. Pam follows. "Go bitch," she yells, "go to hell, damn you, you bitch, all to hell, damn you." Lucy is out of the house, scurrying to her car. From the doorway, Pam shrieks, "I hope you die from the Devil's tail." Lucy drives away. Pam slams the door shut.